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We pride ourselves on providing customers with impressive custom lighting packages. What separates us from the competition is our knowledge, design, and wiring. Too often we see customers come in with wire nuts on their wiring, unsheathed wires hanging from the frames, engine bays turned into dangerous webs of live wire. Our expert technicians can safely and discreetly wire any electrical accessory. Turn your engine bay into something to display to your friends, not something to hide from or avoid.

As with our suspension systems we are goal oriented when it comes to lighting. This is the way that we can ensure that our customers get good value out of their investment. We can help you achieve your performance goals, or tie together your aesthetic goal. We know that lighting equals safety, so we only work with manufacturers that can assure you that the light will perform and turn on, every time you flip the switch.


Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about our custom lighting solutions and how we can help set up your off-roader for success! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create a unique experience on every ride!

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Installing a custom lighting system on your off-roading vehicle can give it the extra visibility you need while driving through rugged terrain. Here are the steps to follow to get your installation up and running:

1. Research custom lighting systems compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. Consult product reviews, consumer ratings, and other online resources to help you decide what type of setup is right for you.

2. Obtain all necessary components for the installation. Purchase high-quality headlights, fog lights, wiring kits, cable ties, mounting hardware, and any other items needed for the complete assembly of the system before beginning any work on the vehicle.

Benefits of Installing a Custom Lighting System

Installing custom lights on your vehicle can help you see more clearly in low-light situations or when driving through dark forest areas. With brighter lights illuminating the way ahead, you can spot obstacles earlier and make better decisions while navigating trails. This will help ensure that you stay safe while on the trail and avoid potential hazards that could otherwise damage your vehicle or risk injury to yourself or other passengers.

Custom lighting can also add a unique style to your off-roading vehicle. Many brands offer a variety of lights in different shapes, sizes, and colors that will help you express your style while out on the trails. This is especially useful if you like to show off your vehicle at events or rallies, as having a unique look makes it stand out.

Finally, installing custom lights can improve safety when driving through areas with limited visibility. Bright headlights and taillights help alert other drivers of your presence so they know to be aware of where you are and give you enough time to maneuver around any potential hazards or obstacles in the path ahead. 

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